As time goes on, CCTV observation is becoming an increasingly popular technique to boost security for many different companies — but what good is it if nobody’s watching the video? Many companies do not have the resources necessary to cover security personnel for 24/7 monitoring of live security video feeds.

The good news is that there’s a solution: Smart video monitoring or intelligent video monitoring applications can do a lot of the work for you, greatly reducing or replacing much of the demand for individual personnel. A growing number of companies are utilizing these surveillance video analytics systems to keep their facilities protected. Here’s a few ways your business could benefit from a system like this, too!

Tracking Movement

Across designated areas and distances, human and/or vehicular movement can be tracked using intelligent video monitoring, and the system can notify owners, operators, management, or your security team of any potential breaches. When used in large corporate office complexes, industrial plants, warehousing structures, and other big facilities, this technology becomes even more useful by helping fewer security personnel monitor more square footage.

Put a Stop to ‘Piggybacking’

Piggybacking is when one or more unauthorized people gain access to a restricted area by carefully shadowing and/or utilizing approved security access of an individual who is authorized to access said area. Sometimes, piggybacking occurs without the knowledge or consent of the authorized individual, such as when an unauthorized motor vehicle follows an authorized motor vehicle closely through an automated security checkpoint (such as a timed gate).

Unfortunately, there are times when authorized personnel purposely allow unauthorized individuals into restricted areas of a facility by intentionally giving them their own security access control card, key, or fob. In many cases when this occurs, the purpose is for criminal acts such as theft or vandalism to be committed by the unauthorized person. This is especially prevalent in larger buildings or facilities with a lot of traffic coming and going, where a single unauthorized person may not be noticed by other personnel.

Useful Data at Your Fingertips

A wide variety of vital data and statistical details can also be provided by using surveillance video analytics and intelligent video monitoring systems. For example, have you ever wondered how many people come and go from your facility each day? Or perhaps just a particular building, or even just a particular room in an office complex? Video analytics systems can track things like this for you, and the data can be used for more than just curiosity satisfaction – you could identify the busiest times of the day to ensure you have adequate security personnel on hand, you could detect activity patterns that are unusual or suspicious and alert security personnel to increase their awareness, you could even analyze employee routines that are inefficient and create alternative strategies. The possibilities are nearly endless.

The capabilities and algorithms behind surveillance video analytics are becoming more advanced with each passing day – there are now systems that can detect key human body language, such as aggression or anxiety, allowing opportunities for security personnel to prevent incidents before they even happen. Who knows what the future will hold?

Security video analytics systems offer so many features that could help you boost your company’s performance and productivity, the potential benefits are staggering. If you own or operate a facility, building, or business, it’s truly something you should look into and consider!



PHOTO: Heinrock 20171027 via photopin (license)