How to safely enjoy the sunset and ocean breeze from a beachfront balcony

Beautiful Florida has so much to offer – particularly with its year-round temperate climate, access to miles upon miles of breathtaking sandy beaches, and a front row seat to some of the best sunset views on the planet.

Yet, it can only take a moment for a perfect day or evening in the Sunshine State to turn tragic – especially if a fire were to break out, leaving high rise condo residents and guests trapped inside. That’s why taking the right measures ahead of time can be a viable solution for protecting both property and lives.

Today’s buildings can oftentimes require certain types of software and technology in order to provide the proper safety measures, as well as the communication systems that are needed for saving potential victims and getting individuals out of harm’s way.

At Life Safety Project, our primary mission is consulting, engineering, and designing services for fire alarm systems, as well as fire sprinklers, to help stop the spread of what could be a substantial disaster.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians work with a multitude of property types across the United States, including high-rise residential and commercial buildings, along with educational facilities and industrial complexes.

Because not all properties are exactly the same, though, there isn’t just one single fire protection and notification system that is right for all across the board. So, if you’d like to learn more about keeping your property(ies) and those inside of them safe – or to request a quote on an up-to-date, state of the art fire protection and communication system – feel free to contact Life Safety Project at (561) 756-6400. Or, you can send us an email with any questions that you have by going to: We look forward to hearing from you.