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Life Safety Project’s knowledgeable and experienced NICET certified engineers work to design fire protection systems that put your needs first.

There are many different “systems” involved with every building project; plumbing systems, communication systems, electrical systems, structural systems, and so on. Each different building system has its own goals, but almost all of them prioritize one thing above all else: safety. Safety-related operations and systems play a role in almost every building system, and one of the most important safety goals is fire protection.

Fire protection systems can help prevent fire hazards entirely, reduce risk of property damage, and most importantly, save occupant lives. The NICET-certified design engineers at Life Safety Project understand what’s at stake, and we know how to design the best and most effective fire protection system for any project. Our fire protection design services ensure the most cost-effective solutions for complete building coverage, and our designs are made to meet or exceed all codes and regulations. Our adherence to national safety codes and fire codes guarantees that your building or facility has optimal protection from a catastrophic fire.

Life Safety Project engineers are NICET certified for expert-level fire protection engineering, including fire protection consulting, fire alarm system design, and fire sprinkler system design for buildings and facilities. Our wide experience allows us to design fire protection systems for any type of project – industrial, commercial, new, old – we can design the best and most cost-effective solution for any structure or situation. Our experience and detailed design process guarantees that you’ll save time and money, and have the best and most cost-effective fire protection system design possible for your project.

Our extensive design and engineering services utilize code-based design in conjunction with performance-based design, ensuring that we can adequately address your needs as well as demonstrate regulatory compliance. Our fire protection services, which are outlined below, include fire protection system layout/design, system equipment selection, applicable codes and standards, types of detectors and signaling systems, power requirements, building/space structure and occupancy considerations, basic electricity and electronics, and more. Choose a specific fire protection service below for more details!



Our NICET certified engineers design economical fire alarm system blueprints that comply with your local regulations and codes.
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We work with you to design any type of fire sprinkler system needed to meet the needs of the hazard and occupancy being protected.
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