Especially During a Worldwide Pandemic (When No One is Minding the Store)

With the strict social distancing and work-from-home requirements that are in place during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is possible that your business is running with just a skeleton crew on site.

But, while having fewer people on location can certainly help to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus, it could also increase the chances that your inventory, files, electronics, and other physical assets are at a higher risk of incidents like theft and / or damage by fire.

Under “normal” circumstances, many companies have multiple employees who can easily call for help if they sense the danger of a fire or other potentially harmful situation. But with little or no human activity taking place, even a small spark could result in substantial destruction if it has the time to burn out of control before it is noticed.

That’s where having a custom designed fire protection system in place can be an effective method of keeping your company’s assets and location safe – regardless of whether or not any physical activity is actually taking place.

At Life Safety Project, our primary focus is on keeping you, your business, and your employees safe. Our experienced NICET certified engineers know how to design the best, most effective solutions for any type of structure.

In addition to fire alarm design, we also install fire sprinkler systems that can reduce – or even eliminate – the risk of damage, injury, or death by suppressing fire risks right away, even before first responders arrive.

Similarly, we also have highly trained designers who can create custom-designed security solutions so that you can keep an eye on things – even if you and your employees are not physically present in the building.

Our perimeter monitoring systems and CCTV video surveillance systems are great for the detection of an unauthorized intrusion, as well as potential theft. So, if you’d like more details on how to keep your business safe from threats other than COVID-19, contact Life Safety Project for more details on how to move forward.