You May Not Be as Well-Protected as You Think

In a world that is full of potential dangers – both seen and unseen – it is more important than ever to reduce as much risk as possible. One of the biggest risks that an employer or multi-unit housing owner can face is fire.

Because of this, fire safety is an extremely important component in buildings everywhere. Keeping residents and building occupants protected can include a long list of possible options, such as:

  • Alarm(s)
  • Sprinkler system
  • Fire extinguisher(s)
  • Emergency lighting (including lighted Exit signs)
  • Exit strategy

But even if it seems like all of the bases have been covered, there are several misconceptions regarding whether or not an area is truly protected from the damage that fire (and the resulting smoke) could cause, such as:

  • Newer structures are safer than old ones. One of the biggest myths regarding safety from fire is that new buildings are safer than older structures. That’s because in reality, a new building that does not contain any (or even enough) fire warning and protection devices can be far more dangerous than an older one that is well-prepared for an emergency.
  • Installing a few smoke detectors is enough of a warning system. Although smoke detectors can certainly let people know that a fire is nearby, these alone are not a fail-safe solution – particularly if the batteries are weak and/or if there are not enough strategically placed detectors.
  • Small fires can easily be controlled if they are noticed right away. Even if a fire appears to be “small,” it is more important to contact the fire fighting professionals than to try and put it out yourself.

At Life Safety Project, our mission is to make sure that you, your tenants, and/or your employees are safe from the many dangers that fire can bring about. For more details on how you can keep your property(ies) up-to-date with efficient and effective fire protection and reduction devices, contact us and talk with one of our specialists.

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