When an Emergency Strikes, Will Help Be Notified in Time?

Even in the safest of places, unexpected events and emergencies can – and do – happen. So, when each second matters, will you be able to contact help in time?

The Value of Seamless Integration for Life Safety Systems

Integrating your facility's life safety systems and security systems has numerous safety and security advantages, including financial benefits.

September is Campus Fire Safety Month

The Center for Campus Fire Safety report 132 fire fatalities since 2000, so they teamed up with NFPA for nationwide college campus fire safety efforts.

Life Safety Inspections

If you are wondering, “What is a life safety inspection?” you have come to the right place. Life safety inspections involve a variety of buildings and structures. Nowadays, just about every building available to the public must follow a life safety code, and is subject to inspections that check to make sure the life safety [...]

NFPA Certified Hazard Recognition Specialist

Currently, Life Safety Project has received the NFPA Certified Hazard Recognition Specialist (CHRS) certification. By the National Fire Protection Association, to be a Certified Hazard Recognition Specialist is to know the fire and life safety concepts, and meet the standards, of the 2015 edition of NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. One of the goals of [...]