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How a Digital Floorplan Can Provide Flexibility and Perfection to Your Home Remodel

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and work – and rather than the precautions being just “temporary,” it’s beginning to look like we’ll have to get used to our new normal for the long term.

Dispelling Fire Safety Misconceptions

In a world that is full of potential dangers – both seen and unseen – it is more important than ever to reduce as much risk as possible. One of the biggest risks that an employer or multi-unit housing owner can face is fire.

Riding, Working and Living in Safety

How many times have you tried to make a phone call or send a text message only to learn that your smart phone’s service won’t work in certain areas such as large buildings, subways, or concrete tunnels?

Are Your Company’s Holiday Decorations Creating a Fire Hazard?

While most people enjoy seeing the lights and other decorations during the holidays, the reality is that some of these items can significantly increase the risk of fire. Regardless of where your property is located and how much space your organization uses, don’t let your company’s holiday cheer go up in smoke.

Are Your Employees Prepared When Seconds Count?

Anyone who has ever been involved in an emergency knows first-hand that every second is crucial, and that depending on the situation, it could very well become a matter of life and death.

Is Your Company’s Fire Safety Plan a Little Hazy?

With the prevalence of the California wildfires – and the unprecedented amount of damage they can cause - many institutions nationwide have a renewed sense of keeping their properties, as well as their employees and customers, safe.

When an Emergency Strikes, Will Help Be Notified in Time?

Even in the safest of places, unexpected events and emergencies can – and do – happen. So, when each second matters, will you be able to contact help in time?

The Value of Seamless Integration for Life Safety Systems

Integrating your facility's life safety systems and security systems has numerous safety and security advantages, including financial benefits.