Without a doubt, commercial security systems are the best way to ensure the least amount of property damage on your business when disaster strikes. A disaster for your company may include incidents such as unauthorized access, vandalism, or physical/digital theft. These kinds of events can impact your company by creating a strain on resources, leaking data to criminal sources, or making the employees feel unsafe. To prevent these kinds of events, and hopefully minimize the impact they may have on your business, a commercial security system is your best approach.

Notably, advances in modern technology have deemed the security system more secure than ever. Presently, systems are capable of what we considered about 15 years ago, unimaginable. Here are the 4 major reasons you should consider a security system for your business or office.

1. You Can Watch and Rewatch EVERYTHING

CCTV, or closed circuit television cameras, allow you to monitor and record everything that goes on in your business. Currently, these surveillance systems include the camera that captures images, and the control room where the images are kept or played back. Actually, the cameras can be wired or wireless. With this system you can both watch and rewatch for further occurrences anything and everything that happens at your business location. A custom created CCTV surveillance system tailored to your specific business is your first big step in becoming a secure company.

2. You Can Basically Have a Virtual Indestructible Fence

In today’s world of fast-paced technological advancements, there are also perimeter monitoring systems, and these systems are capable of things you may have never even imagined. It is used for intrusion detection, theft deterrence, risk management, and employee safety. Perimeter intrusion detection systems can be used with a physical barrier (such as a fence), or without one. Either way, they are used outside, and their entire purpose is to prevent intruders under a certain perimeter. With that, your business would surely be secure with a perimeter intrusion detection system designed for the outside landscape of your business.

3. You Can Control the Who, Where, and When

Furthermore, we now have access control systems. Control who goes where, and when they can do it. Where each individual can go is in your hands. Grant easy access for those authorized, while those unauthorized will be kept out. An access control system designed for your company will prevent unauthorized entry to any area of your facility.

4. You Can Receive Security Notifications Straight to Your Mobile Phone

Indeed, now you can even receive notifications to your cell phone from your alarm system. Certainly, this can be used as a great advantage when applied to a business environment. Know exactly what is going on, and when. When alarm systems are triggered, be notified to your phone, simultaneously. From there, know who to notify next, even if that means law enforcement. Using plan based solutions, an alarm and notification system can be created custom for your exact needs.

In brief, with what alarm systems are capable of today, it would almost be ironic to not have a security system at your business. Because of CCTV surveillance, perimeter monitoring, access control, and notification systems, we now have a more secure world for your business. The peace of mind gained from commercial security systems surely justifies their price.

With that, ensure your security system is tailored to your specific company’s grounds and environment. At Life Safety Project, designing life safety systems is what we do. Contact us today, or request a quote online for a state-of-the-art design for your new or updated commercial security system.